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What Can iDeClutter Do For You?

Welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped by. Take a look around and get to know me.

Organizing Homes and Wardrobes are my passions. I want to help you find more space in your home, more exciting outfits in your closet as well as more time to enjoy your life.

I am on a quest to help you redefine space, re-purpose items, and spark up your wardrobe–all on a modest budget. We have all watched shows on HGTV and E! and marveled how sometimes small changes can make a huge effect. How joyful those people are whose homes and wardrobes are rejuvenated! I can help you become one of those joyful people at a fraction of the cost the television designers command. 

I listen carefully to my clients’ needs, concerns and goals.If you have not yet identified your goals, I will help you with that. We will work side-by-side to make major decisions and you will know your concerns are significant to me. 

Throughout this challenging process, you will be more and more aware of how reducing clutter will lighten your load.

HOME ORGANIZATION: I will re-purpose any items of furniture that are not effective where they currently reside and help you use them in a better way. This could save you from purchasing unnecessary furniture or home accessories! 

CLOSETS: Everyone tells me I am put-together and fashion savvy. I want to share my knowledge with you and help revamp your wardrobe on a modest budget.

KOSHER KITCHENS: I have the knowledge to help you make a kitchen that must hold double the amount of items work for you.

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